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Private Development Projects

Five Pine

Project: Five Pines Lodge

The Five Pines development includes a mix of land uses, including: residential, short term lodging, an athletic club, a movie house, office space, a spa, and restaurants. Ferguson & Associates, Inc. prepared a traffic study to address the concerns of the City of Sisters and ODOT. As the project developed, we have continued providing the owner services, including a shared parking analysis in response to the City of Sister’s concerns over the adequacy of parking for the entire development, in response to proposed changes in the approved master plan. A shared parking analysis was prepared and show the same parking space can be used by different users at different times of the day.

Location: Sisters, Oregon

Client: Bill Willits



Project: Yarrow

Ferguson & Associates, Inc. prepared the traffic impact study for a large single family residential subdivision on the east side of Madras, Oregon. This study process included coordination with the City of Madras and ODOT to determine an appropriate study area and volume forecasts. The study included a.m. and p.m. operations analysis at study intersections scenario as well as developing traffic mitigation measures at several study intersections so that traffic generated by the subdivision would be accommodated by the planned street system.

Location: Madras, Oregon

Client: East Madras Land Development


Grocery Outlet

Project: Grocery Outlet

The traffic study Ferguson & Associates, Inc. prepared for this development considered traffic signal needs, the influence of a nearby railroad crossing, and the seasonal fluctuations in traffic on the adjacent highway. Coordination with ODOT and access management considerations were essential components of the study process.

Location: Prineville, Oregon

Client: Darren Dickerhoof




Project: Catholic Retreat Campus

The traffic study prepared for this rural retreat center was unique in that it considered peaks of the facility which were different from peak travel times of the adjacent street system. Trips generated by the facility were forecast using a “first-principles” analysis that considered the types of events that would take place, arrival and departure times, and car-pooling.

Location: Powell Butte, Oregon

Client: David Evans & Associates, Inc.



Pioneer business park

Project: Redmond Business Park

The Redmond Business Park was proposed to be developed prior to the development of the Redmond Travel Demand model and the construction of the US 97 reroute; however, approval of the project, in part, depended on the construction of future transportation facilities. Without the forecast traffic flows from the travel demand model it was neccessary to emply other analysis techniques. The final traffic impact analysis included conducting screen-line traffic counts, coordination with City and ODOT staff and build upon several years of knowledge and expereince on the east side of Redmond.

Location: Redmond, Oregon

Client: Dixon Ward




Project: Black Butte Ranch Traffic Flow Study

Ferguson & Associates, Inc. was contacted by Black Butte Ranch (BBR) because they are interested in expanding their service facilities and moving some services. The owners were concerned that moving the services would cause an increase in traffic on certain streets. Two years of traffic counts were conducted to determine the existing traffic flows and changes occurred when the service facilities were relocated.

Location: Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon

Client: Black Butte Ranch

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Public Sector Projects


Project: City of Bend Police Station Expansion

Ferguson & Associates, Inc. prepared the traffic study for the expansion of the City of Bend Police Station that included relocating the municipal court. This project started with strong communication skills with City Staff to determine what information was needed to gather data in the form of trip generation surveys.

Location: Bend, Oregon

Client: HSR/City of Bend


Tom McCall School

Project: Redmond School District

The Redmond School District proposed adding a new elementary school and Middle school to account for the overcrowding at the existing schools. The Traffic Impact Study prepared including analysis of a.m., afternoon, and p.m. peak periods.  A number of trip generation surveys at existing Redmond elementary schools so that peak-15 minute flows could be analyzed.

Location: Redmond, Oregon

Client: Redmond School District



Project: Archie Briggs Traffic Calming

The Wyndemere Homeowners Association presented concerns to the City of Bend about Archie Briggs Road that included increased traffic, excessive speeds, a high percent of truck traffic, and the resulting impact related to noise, pedestrian crossings, bicycle activity, and pavement conditions. Ferguson & Associates, Inc. reviewed these comments and recommendations as it relates to standard engineering and traffic calming practices. It was concluded that improving the visibility of the pedestrian crossing to drivers is the key to the Homeowners concerns. These improvements could be achieved with off road improvements such as relocating the pedestrian crossing to a more visible location and by posting pedestrian crossing warning signs. Due to the low number of pedestrians no significant roadway pedestrian crossings improvements were identified.

Location: Bend, Oregon

Client: City of Bend



Project: Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Ferguson & Associates, Inc. has provided on-going support to the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization. This support began during the summer of 2004 prior to hire of a full-time BMPO manager and has continued with technical assistance as needed.

Location: Bend, Oregon

Client: City of Bend


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