Research, Data Collection and Transportation Statistical Analysis

We provide a variety of data collection services, including origin-destination surveys (license plate, mail-back, roadside, car-following, etc.); interview surveys; counts (24-hour, peak, classification, bike and pedestrian, etc.) speed studies; travel time surveys; transit on-board surveys; parking occupancy, turnover and duration surveys; as well as conducting and mapping inventories of transportation features and facilities. We utilize a variety data collection and analysis tools that best suit the specific needs of a project, using both manual and automated approaches as appropriate for data needs and budget. Special emphasis is placed on preparing summaries that can be quickly digested by end-readers and supporting analysis that penetrates the story that the data has to tell. We have often found that data collection and analysis can greatly assist the public understanding and help build consensus and clarity as to what the real and pressing issues in a community. At times, a limited data collection effort can be a very cost effective tool when efforts are deliberately limited and highly focused to address specific questions.